Every tire, wheel or tube supplied by TIRECO and notbranded (NON-ADJUSTABLE) is warranted to be free from material defects in materials and workmanship. If our examination determines that any such tire or tube has failed, and such failure was not caused by any of the warranty exceptions listed below, we will make a reasonable allowance on the purchase of a new tire or tube at current prices or other adjustment within our discretion. Adjustments will be based upon a pro-rata charge determined by the used tread depth and/or service received. All tires, when worn down to 2/32 of tread depth or down to tread wear indicators, will, for all practical purposes, be deemed to have served their full useful tread life and are not adjustable for any reason. Out-of-round tires must be returned during the first 10% of tread wear. This warranty excludes and does not cover, and we will not adjust, such tire or tube when it has failed as a result of road hazards (such as cuts, bruises, impacts, punctures, etc.);overloading; excessive speed; spinning on slippery surfaces; spinning during on the-vehicle balancing; improper inflation; wheel misalignment; improper application; damage caused by abuse, collision, accident, fire or vandalism; or when it has been used on rims not conforming to Tire and Rim Association standards; or when beads have been damaged or broken because of improper mounting procedures; or for other non-defective conditions. Further, this warranty does not cover nor extend to any incidental or consequential damages and may be subject to any consumer warranty supplied by the product manufacturer.