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Product Features
  • The Milestar Grantland is a very affordable option for truck and SUV owners who want durability and performance along with good ride comfort and tread life.
  • The symmetric, non-directional tread features dual circumferential grooves which help to evacuate water for lateral stability on wet roads.
  • Circumferential tread blocks promote smooth highway performance with lower rolling resistance for better treadwear and fuel economy.
  • Wet traction and handling are further enhanced by an optimized siping pattern with angled grooves.
  • S and T speed rated sizes available
  • UTQG : 460 A B.
  • M+S rated for all season performance.
  • Outline white lettering (OWL) available on certain sizes where noted.
  • 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (see manufacturer's website for details).
  • The Milestar Grantland is available in 15-20 inch wheel sizes and 60-85 series aspect ratios.

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