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Mickey Thompson Baja STZ

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Mickey Thompson Baja STZ


Off-Road All-Terrain Truck Radial


Product Features
  • The Mickey Thompson Baja STZ is a sensible choice for truck and SUV owners that want an aggressive-looking, all-terrain tire that offers superior grip in a multitude of conditions, both on the highway and off road
  • The non-directional, all-terrain tread is designed to provide traction in all weather conditions while also maintaining civilized on-road manners and good tread life
  • Strategically configured tread element sipes enhance traction on wet or icy Surfaces while also promoting longer tread life
  • Serrated tie bars combined with scalloped tread shoulder blocks help to improve tread element stability and off-road traction
  • The tread lugs utilize sides with multiple draft angles for improved self-cleaning, helping to reduce stone retention and drilling
  • The internal construction of the Baja STZ features variable-density nylon over wraps for improved uniformity and ride quality
  • UTQG : 560 A B (except for LT and Flotation sizes)
  • Select sizes available with outline white lettering (OWL) where noted
  • The Mickey Thompson Baja STZ is available in 15 through 20 inch wheel sizes and in Metric, LT-metric and LT flotation sizes
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Size Price Each
235/70R16 106T (OWL) $133.00 View
245/65R17 107T (OWL) $168.00 View
265/60R18 110T (OWL) $192.00 View
265/70R16 112T (OWL) $159.00 View
265/70R17 115T (OWL) $185.00 View
265/75R16 116T (OWL) $164.00 View
275/55R20 117T XL $215.00 View
275/60R20 115T $225.00 View
31X10.50R15LT/C 109R (OWL) $159.00 View
LT245/70R16E 118R (OWL) $173.00 View
LT245/75R16E 120R (OWL) $175.00 View
LT265/65R17E 120R (OWL) $207.00 View
LT265/70R16E 121R (OWL) $192.00 View
LT265/70R17E 121S (OWL) $214.00 View
LT265/75R16E 123R (OWL) $191.00 View
LT275/65R20E 126S (OWL) $302.00 View
LT275/70R17E 121R (OWL) $220.00 View
LT275/70R18E 125S (OWL) $240.00 View
LT285/70R17E 121S (OWL) $240.00 View
LT315/70R17D 121S (OWL) $270.00 View
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