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Mastercraft Glacier Grip II

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Mastercraft Glacier Grip II


Studable Winter Tire

NOTE: Discount Tire Zone does not provide tire studding services. Studding should be performed by a qualified technician

WARNING: Due to the unique handling properties of winter tires, we only recommend installing them in sets of four

Product Features
  • The Mastercraft Glacier-Grip II is a premium studdable winter passenger tire, designed for drivers who are looking for excellent traction on snow and ice without sacrificing performance or ride quality in dry or all-weather conditions.
  • The intricate, symmetric tread pattern features dense zig-zag siping which enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction.
  • The variable sipe depth helps to maintain tread element stability while optimizing winter performance.
  • Deep lateral and notched circumferential grooves provide excellent evacuation of water and slush from the tread contact patch.
  • Pinned for #12 studs with an optimal combination of design, quantity and placement of stud pin holes to maximize the tire's traction on ice when studded. The stud pin holes are strategically located across the tread contact patch to allow maximum traction.
  • Meets the RMA's severe snow service requirement and carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF).
  • Available in S and T speed ratings.
  • The Mastercraft Glacier Grip II is available in rim sizes from 14"-19" and in aspect ratios from 45-75.
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Size Price Each
175/65R14 82T $60.00 View
175/65R15 84T $68.00 View
185/60R15 84T $67.00 View
185/65R14 86T $62.00 View
185/65R15 88T $70.00 View
185/70R14 88S $60.00 View
185/75R14 89S $64.00 View
195/55R15 85T $78.00 View
195/60R15 88T $63.00 View
195/65R15 91T $68.00 View
195/70R14 91S $60.00 View
195/75R14 92S $68.00 View
205/55R16 91T $89.00 View
205/60R15 91T $78.00 View
205/60R16 92T $83.00 View
205/65R15 94T $74.00 View
205/65R16 95T $78.00 View
205/75R14 95S $68.00 View
205/75R15 97S $67.00 View
215/55R16 97T XL $100.00 View
215/55R17 94T $101.00 View
215/60R15 94T $76.00 View
215/60R16 95T $83.00 View
215/60R17 96T $109.00 View
215/65R15 96T $80.00 View
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