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Haida HD921

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Haida HD921


High Performance All Season Radial


Product Features
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit your sport coupe, sedan, SUV or CUV, the economically-priced Haida HD921 offers a winning combination of performance and style
  • The directional tread is as functional as it is stylish, providing good traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Four straight longitudinal grooves with long, sweeping lateral grooves improve water dispersion for reduced hydroplaning
  • The solid center rib provides enhanced steering response
  • Rim protection ridge helps to protect expensive wheels from curb damage
  • W and Y speed rated sizes available
  • The Haida HD921 is available in 18 through 24 inch wheel sizes 30-45 series aspect ratios
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Size Price Each
215/35ZR18 84W XL $57.00 View
225/30ZR20 85W XL $63.00 View
225/30ZR22 87W $79.00 View
225/35ZR20 93W XL $69.00 View
225/40ZR18 92W XL $66.00 View
225/45ZR18 95W XL $69.00 View
235/30ZR22 90W XL $88.00 View
235/35ZR19 91W XL $60.00 View
245/30ZR22 92W XL $88.00 View
245/30ZR24 94W XL $99.00 View
245/35ZR20 95W XL $69.00 View
245/45ZR20 103W XL $82.00 View
255/30ZR22 95W XL $76.00 View
255/30ZR24 97W XL $111.00 View
255/35ZR20 97Y XL $76.00 View
265/30ZR22 97W XL $90.00 View
265/35ZR22 102W XL $96.00 View
265/40ZR22 106W XL $100.00 View
275/25ZR24 96W XL $108.00 View
275/45ZR20 110W XL $110.00 View
275/55R20 117V XL $109.00 View
285/50ZR20 116W XL $122.00 View
295/25ZR22 97W XL $99.00 View
305/35ZR24 112W XL $131.00 View
305/40ZR22 114W XL $131.00 View
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