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General AltiMAX Arctic

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General AltiMAX Arctic


Studable Winter Tire

NOTE: Discount Tire Zone does not provide tire studding services. Studding should be performed by a qualified technician

WARNING: Due to the unique handling properties of winter tires, we only recommend installing them in sets of four

Product Features
  • Studable winter tire (pinned for #12 studs)
  • The General AltiMAX Arctic's Multi-Angle Sipe System provides a multitude of edges designed to grab and bite for outstanding snow traction when accelerating, braking, and cornering
  • Directional tread pattern aids in water evacuation for adequate resistance to hydroplaning on wet, slush-covered roads
  • Semi-continuous center rib improves straight-line stability on dry pavement
  • Tread comprised of two individual compounds enhances flexibility in low temperatures and improves wet traction
  • The General AltiMAX Arctic meets the snow service requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC)
  • Available in 13 thru 17 inch rim sizes
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Size Price Each
175/65R14 82Q $72.00 View
175/70R13 82Q $57.00 View
185/60R14 82Q $70.00 View
185/60R15 84Q $79.00 View
185/65R14 86Q $76.00 View
185/65R15 88Q $80.00 View
185/70R14 88Q $72.00 View
195/55R15 85Q $105.00 View
195/60R15 88Q $86.00 View
195/65R15 91Q $82.00 View
205/50R17 93Q XL $114.00 View
205/55R16 91Q $112.00 View
205/60R15 91Q $81.00 View
205/60R16 92Q $92.00 View
205/65R15 94Q $80.00 View
205/70R15 96Q $77.00 View
215/45R17 87Q $147.00 View
215/50R17 91Q $133.00 View
215/55R16 93Q $101.00 View
215/55R17 94Q $138.00 View
215/60R15 94Q $89.00 View
215/60R16 95Q $95.00 View
215/60R17 96Q $139.00 View
215/65R15 96Q $85.00 View
215/65R16 98Q $106.00 View
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