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Federal Couragia MT

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Federal Couragia M/T


Off-Road Max Traction Truck Radial


Product Features
  • Federal's ultimate off-road tire - the Couragia M/T, has been engineered to provide outstanding levels of traction, grip and strength for performance on the toughest of terrains
  • Oversized shoulder lugs add an aggressive look while offering exceptional impact and cut resistance for protection against off-road hazards
  • A tread block design featuring sloped sides and radiused internal corners increases block stiffness for enhanced on-road performance and stability in addition to serious off-road traction
  • A specially designed feature, molded in at the bottom of the tread groove, helps to clear mud and stones for consistent off-road performance
  • The Federal Couragia M/T utilizes an advanced tread compound which is formulated to help resist cuts, chips and abrasions and to provide long life and even tread wear
  • Q speed rating
  • Outline white lettering (OWL) available on certain sizes where noted
  • The Federal Couragia MT is available in 15 through 20 inch wheel sizes and in both LT metric and flotation sizes
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Size Price Each
30X9.50R15LT/C 104Q (OWL) $128.00 View
31X10.50R15LT/C 109Q (OWL) $154.00 View
33X12.50R15LT/C 108Q (OWL) $166.00 View
33X12.50R20LT/E 114Q $202.00 View
35X12.50R15LT/C 113Q $190.00 View
35X12.50R17LT/E 125Q (OWL) $233.00 View
35X12.50R18LT/E 123Q $237.00 View
35X12.50R20LT/E 121Q $268.00 View
37X12.50R17E 129Q $225.00 View
37X12.50R18E 128Q $331.00 View
37X12.50R20E 126Q $339.00 View
LT225/75R16E 115/112Q $125.00 View
LT235/75R15C 104/101Q (OWL) $122.00 View
LT235/85R16E 120/116Q $136.00 View
LT245/75R16E 120/116Q $136.00 View
LT265/70R17E 121/118Q (OWL) $228.00 View
LT265/75R16E 123/120Q (OWL) $148.00 View
LT275/65R18D 119/116Q $197.00 View
LT275/65R18E 123/120Q $199.00 View
LT285/70R17D 121/118Q (OWL) $203.00 View
LT285/70R17E 121/118Q $193.00 View
LT285/75R16E 126/123Q (OWL) $163.00 View
LT315/75R16E 127/124Q (OWL) $200.00 View
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