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Cooper Discoverer AT3

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Cooper Discoverer A/T3


Off-Road All-Terrain Truck Radial


Product Features
  • The Discoverer A/T3 utilizes a balanced combination of technology, compound formulation, and tread design to produce an all-terrain tire that performs well in nearly all types of terrain without sacrficing on-road performance
  • The aggressive, five-rib symmetric tread pattern features zig-zag sipes for improved traction on wet roads and on loose surfaces, arranged in a pattern optimized for even tread wear and a quiet ride
  • Coupled center/intermediate tread element pairs and a broken center rib provide excellent stability and confident handling while also allowing for good traction on soft surfaces
  • Serrated steps in the lateral grooves in addition to dual draft angles on the tread element walls help to reduce stone retention and improve cut and chip resistance
  • The tread compound of the Discoverer AT3 is formulated with a chemically-coupled silica and carbon black mixture which provides excellent wet traction and reduced rolling resistance
  • UTQG : 560 A B (except for LT and Flotation sizes)
  • Select sizes available with outline white lettering (OWL) where noted
  • 55,000 mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (see manufacturer's website for details)
  • The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is available in 15 through 20 inch wheel sizes and in Metric, LT-metric and LT flotation sizes
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Size Price Each
215/70R16 100T (OWL) $114.00 View
225/70R15 100T (OWL) $113.00 View
225/70R16 103T (OWL) $117.00 View
225/75R16 104T (OWL) $109.00 View
235/60R17 102T (OWL) $142.00 View
235/65R17 104T (OWL) $149.00 View
235/70R16 106T (OWL) $109.00 View
235/70R17 111T XL $141.00 View
235/75R15 105T (OWL) $106.00 View
235/75R16 108T (OWL) $123.00 View
245/65R17 107T (OWL) $156.00 View
245/70R16 107T (OWL) $117.00 View
245/70R17 110T (OWL) $138.00 View
245/75R16 111T (OWL) $124.00 View
255/65R17 110T (OWL) $150.00 View
255/70R15 108T (OWL) $128.00 View
255/70R16 111T (OWL) $126.00 View
255/70R17 112T (OWL) $141.00 View
265/60R18 110T (OWL) $168.00 View
265/65R17 112T (OWL) $143.00 View
265/65R18 114T (OWL) $186.00 View
265/70R15 112T (OWL) $129.00 View
265/70R16 112T (OWL) $129.00 View
265/70R17 115T (OWL) $148.00 View
265/70R18 116T (OWL) $172.00 View
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