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Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

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Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring


High Performance All Season Radial


Product Features
  • Showcasing the latest in Cooper Tire's technology and innovations, The CS5 Ultra touring all-season radial provides outstanding all-weather performance in a wide range of sizes to fit many high performance coupes, sedans and SUVs
  • A five-rib asymmetric tread pattern features large, rigid tread elements on the outer shoulder for superior dry traction and handling while the tread elements on the inner shoulder have been optimized for wet roads and light snow
  • Molded-in STABILEDGE feature helps to stabilize the tread blocks for improved steering precision and traction
  • The Cooper CS5 Touring utilizes Cooper Tire's 2nd generation coupled silica compound which, in addition to providing exceptional all-season performance, also reduces heat buildup and rolling resistance for better gas mileage
  • Visual treadwear indicators help the driver to estimate the amount of remaining tread and can also indicate potential alignment issues
  • Interlocking 3D sipes help to stabilize tread elements and increase traction in wet conditions and light snow
  • W, V and H speed rated sizes available
  • The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is available in 15 through 19 inch rim sizes and 45 through 65 series aspect ratios
  • 60,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (H & V speed rated sizes only, see manufacturer's website for details)
  • 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (W speed rated sizes only, see manufacturer's website for details)
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Size Price Each
215/55R16 93H $100.00 View
225/45R17 91H $114.00 View
225/55R17 97H $122.00 View
225/60R18 100V $132.00 View
235/45R17 94H $131.00 View
205/60R15 91H $77.00 View
215/60R15 94H $92.00 View
225/60R15 96H $91.00 View
185/65R15 88H $74.00 View
195/65R15 91H $77.00 View
205/65R15 99H XL $83.00 View
205/50R16 87H $103.00 View
205/55R16 91H $97.00 View
195/60R15 88H $75.00 View
195/55R15 85V $82.00 View
205/65R15 94V $89.00 View
225/55R16 95H $112.00 View
205/60R16 92H $89.00 View
215/60R16 95H $90.00 View
225/60R16 98H $93.00 View
235/65R17 104H $122.00 View
225/55R18 98H $127.00 View
225/60R18 100H $126.00 View
255/65R18 111H $153.00 View
235/55R19 105H XL $166.00 View
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